About Sister Martin

Sister Martin, a British nun, has been educating the Pakistani girls for the past more than five decades now. Her unsung devotion has been awarded only lately, that too by the Kingdom of Belgium. She was 28 years old when she came to Lahore and dedicated herself to teaching. Very few people can claim to have led a more gratifying life than Sister Martin. On January 5, 1958, she landed in Lahore and took her first step towards the Sacred Heart Convent School. Since 1992 she has been performing her duties as the Principal of the school. Her contribution to the education of Pakistani women, in particular, is no less phenomenal. Sister Martin has been knighted in the Order of the Crown. The award has a very high criterion for recipients and Siter Martin is one of the few people around the world who holds the privilege to be awarded by the Kingdom of Belgium. Today in Mango Stories we’ll be paying tribute to the Sister Martin who devoted her life for the sake of Education in Pakistan and her contribution to promoting women’s education in Pakistan is her biggest gift to this Country.