Our mission

Heritage of the Sisters of Charity JM

The Heritage Centre | Sisters of Charity preserves and tells the history of the Sisters of Charity and their achievements in the field of education, health care, and welfare.

Story of women religious

By extension, we tell the story of women religious in general, of their life behind the convent walls, and of the pioneering role many of these women played in the fields of health care and education.


The archives of the Sisters of Charity initially served as an internal administrative service of the Congregation. Today we are a public-oriented Heritage Centre that in the future wants to become a national reference point for the history of women religious.

The ultimate goal is a modern visitor’s centre on the life and the work of the Sisters.

Meanwhile, we are not standing still

The Heritage Centre stimulates research. We organise our own exhibitions, we join in the days of Cultural Heritage and Open Monuments and make our collection available to third parties.

We advise the Sisters on the management of their archives and put our collection actively in the spotlights through our website, newsletter, and social media.

In short, a Centre full of remarkable stories about strong women.