Our collection of objects bears witness to the many areas in which the Sisters of Charity JM are active. You can study the objects in our reading room. Museums or organizations can apply for a bruikleen. Contact us for the conditions.

Convent & religious life

Many of our objects are naturally linked to the convent life of the sisters and their faith experience: clothes of the sisters, rosaries, jubilee crowns, relics… .

Did you know that costumes of sisters can be hired from the Heritage Centre for a film or theatrical performance (15€/costume)? Contact us for more information.


Our educational heritage includes old cards used in lessons, stuffed animals, and measuring tools used in girls’ education, but also reflects the great activity of the sisters in the education of the deaf and the blind and their initiatives for children with mental or physical disabilities.

Health care

The medical care material comes from the numerous hospitals, psychiatric institutes and colleges for nursing that the Sisters of Charity have founded. These objects are an illustration of the evolution in the field of health care. Below is a box with name plates of the psychiatric patients of Caritas Melle.

Missionary activities

Many of our objects are linked to the missionary work of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary in Africa and Asia as the ivory shell below from India. This shell and many other objects are presents received by the mother superiors during their visits to the missionary areas. Another part was bought locally or collected by the sisters to organise mission exhibitions in Europe.

Art objects

Our ‘art collection’ includes paintings (particularly portraits of the different male and female superiors), stained glass windows, drawings, etchings, sculptures and woodcarving, … . In addition, the existing communities preserve many objects of art locally. You can even visit some of these sites.